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Monday, February 7, 2011

Shabby Chic Tray Makeover

I saw this mirror at a good will store and just had to have it. It was only three bucks!! The lady at the counter looked at me kind of funny when I bought it, guess she doesn't realize the miracles a can of paint can do.

I decided to paint it white so I took out the glass so I can paint just the frame.

The back of it had some old velvet on it that I decided to scrape off.  That was definitely the least part of the project, but at least Gracie helped.

I decided to just put some white felt on the bottom.  After a nice paint job, and some candles I think it was definitely worth the three dollars.

I bought the white candles, scrapbook paper, brads and ribbon from hobby lobby.  Thought they turned out cute!